Company name: Tel-Aviv University

Location: Center

Job Description

Evacuation of heat (cooling) is a challenging task from the energetic point of view. To date, cryogenic cooling solutions utilize gas compression and expansion in order to absorb and release heat, rendering them heavy and expensive. Thermoelectric coolers , on the other hand, exhibit relatively low efficiency and the ability to use them for cryogenic temperatures is limited

The underlying idea of this research is to utilize electro-luminescence for removing heat from a semiconductor quantum-well diode structure (LED). If the PN junction bias is lower than the bandgap, any emitted photon carries out more energy than was supplied to the device, thus removing heat. The key problem is enhancing the radiation efficiency of the LED as much as possible by decorating its surface with a specially designed Metasurface. This is an enabling technology which can open up new avenues for numerous applications and scientific research. Full financial support will be given to suitable candidates.

Job Requirements

Solid bacground in physics/EE
Enthusiasm and willing to learn new things
Hands-on ixperience in optics
Experience in lasers and semiconductor devices is an advantage
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STARTING DATE: 13.09.2018

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