Company name: Computational Biologist at Biolojic Design, Ltd

Location: Center

Job Description

Biolojic Design, a biopharmaceutical company that develops revolutionary biological therapies for various diseases, is growing its R&D center in Israel. We are seeking talented computational scientists and programmers to join our computational design team.

Job Description:

Full-time Development and implementation of computational tools for designing new drugs.

Job Requirements

Must have:

-PhD or MSc in computational biology or bioinformatics.
-Deep understanding of structure-function relationships and protein-protein interactions
-Good programming skills (preferably Python, C/C++).
-Ability to be a part of multi-disciplinary team of researchers and developers
-Excellent quantitative skills
-Desire to solve big problems

And at least some of the following:

-Experience with analysis of Deep Sequencing data (Illumina/Ion Torrent).
-Knowledge of biochemistry
-Understanding of in vitro evolution and selection
-Familiarity with Computer-Aided Design tools (E.g., Schrodinger, MOE, Discovery Studio).
-Knowledge of immunology.
-Expertise in application of machine learning techniques.
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STARTING DATE: 13.03.2018

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