About ScienceAbroad

ScienceAbroad is a non profit organization. We are a global community of Israeli Scientists Abroad. We have 22 branches worldwide operated entirely by volunteers. We create a dynamic network for Israeli Scientists, providing valuable tools & connections.

Our Mission

ScienceAbroad a nonprofit organization strengthens research and industry in Israel by maintaining contact with talented Israeli scientists, researcher, physicians and entrepreneurs living around the globe. We are an ever-changing, vibrant community, benefitting 3 circles: internally among Israeli scientists, the local community within which they are currently operating, and the State of Israel. Our community promotes Israeli scientific achievement, bolsters the Israeli identity of scientists living overseas and helps to facilitate the return of great minds to Israel. 

Executive Board

Dr. Shmulik Hess

Position: Founder & Chairman of the Executive Board
Email: s.hess[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Dr. Gil Blander

Position: Founder & Executive Board Member
Email: g.blander[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Dr. Dan Gincel

Position: Executive Board Member
Email: d.gincel[at] scienceabroad.org.il


Prof. Shulamit Kazav

Position: Executive Board Member
Email: s.kazav[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Mr. Sagi Balasha

Position: Executive Board Member
Email: s.balasha[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Advisory Board

Prof. Gadi Schuster

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg

Prof. Rachel Erhard

Prof. Rivka Carmi

Dr. Amir Bahar

Dr. Noam Shomron

Dr. Natalie Artzi

Dr. Dov Reichman

Prof. Karen B. Avraham

Mrs. Malka Lion‏

Dr. Ronen Hoffman

Dr. Sara Eyal

Prof. Jerry Eichler

Dr. Iris Grossman

Prof. Shira Hantman

Dr. Neta Kela

Prof. Masha Niv

Prof. Shulamit Michaeli

Dr. Eyal Rienshtien

Prof. Tami Katzir

Prof. Roy Kishony

Dr. Michal Zalzman

Dr. Nurit Eyal


Monika Lev-Cohen

Position: CEO
Phone: +972-52-3847949
Email: monika[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Sigal Kis

Position: Senior Program Director
Phone: +972-74-7040080
Email: sigal[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Anat Weiss

Position: Director of Operations
Email: anat[at]scienceabroad.org.il

Ayala Gottfeld

Position: Director of Partnerships & Resource Development
Phone: +972-52-3871807
Email: ayala[at]scienceabroad.org.il